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Quality - Reliability – Speed


Are you looking for a professional translation of high quality? Your reliable translation partner for many language combinations? Is your company looking for an interpreter? You would like the best quality for the best price? We are at your service.


We are offering our translation services in the following languages:


Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Servian, Croatian, Slovenian, Albanian, Turkish, Arabic, Moroccan, Berber, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, ...


Translation AgencyQualitas TransLingua works with high-specialized translators and interpreters in different domains. This includes legal, business, commercial and literary translations. Our translators are capable of working with the most technical texts, not only because of their theoretical knowledge, but also for their long experience in the domain.


We will also seek a proper solution for you to less obvious translation assignments.


A proper translation is more than a conversion of words. Each text has its characteristics and therefore specific demands. Translation Agency Qualitas TransLingua is aware of these facts and hence we search the perfect translator for your text, while keeping in mind your specific requirements. As more translators are working on your text, we can offer translations at the highest quality. We make every effort to deliver your assignment not only as accurate and precise as possible, but we also make sure that this will happen within a short period of time. Your satisfaction is our purpose.


In short, Translation Agency Qualitas TransLingua guarantees:


- Reliability and professionalism

- The highest quality at the best price

- Flexibility and customer service

- Speed

- Discretion


 We offer you our translation services in the following domains:


Legal / Juredical translations

Commercial translations

Technical translations

Sworn translations / legalisations

Other translations


Contact information:


E-mail:       info@vertaal-bureaus.be

Website:    www.vertaal-bureaus.be


Mobile:       +32 (0) 488 595 848





Sworn translations / legalisations


Identity cards and birth certificates Certificates of nationalityDiploma/license/certificates

Proof of unmarried state

Certificate of marriage

Divorce certificate

Driver’s Licenses

Experience certificates


Certificate of good conduct and morals


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